About Us


WALLABY Headquarters are located in the geographical centre of Sydney.  We have been in business for over 25 years and are proud to be family owned and operated. Here you will discover a modern dealership with a wide range of Campervans and Motorhomes to choose from.

WALLABY MOTORHOMES stock good quality, well presented, late model vehicles at value for money prices that have never been experienced in Australia before.

All WALLABY vehicles are sold with a 3-year Australia-wide Warranty and NSW registration included in the purchase price.

Buying from WALLABY MOTORHOMES ensures that all titles are 100% guaranteed, so there is no chance of having your campervan or motorhome repossessed due to outstanding financial encumbrances, or fines.

All WALLABY vehicles are put through the mechanical workshop and fully safety checked before you take delivery. This is all included in the purchase price.

The WALLABY brand on all our vehicles serves as a testament of our commitment to provide a good quality product at an affordable price to each and every Australian traveller.

We're proud of our product, our name and fine reputation.

So why not visit us, buy a WALLABY and hop on the road with us today.